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Beautiful heirloom blankets, handwoven by Lilly Marsh studio in Glens Falls, New York, and made only with yarn from my flock of Border Leicester, Blue Faced Leicetser, Romney crosses. These are exceptional wedding gifts, and a lifetime piece for your home. 


Natural grey crepe weave with natural white and dyed stripes in four colorways. 

They are 40" x 60" in size. 

Hand Woven Lap Throw

  • Handwash blankets in a bathtub or large sink.  Use lukewarm water and mild wool soap.  Do not agitate.  Rinse in clear water the same temperature as wash water.  Drain and gently squeeze.  Wrap in a thick towel to soak up excess rinse water.  Air dry flat.


    These are wool washes I recommend:


    Unicorn Fiberwash


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