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Sorry, not available for shipping. Pick up at farm only. 


Whole freezer lambs are available in late October, but must be preordered as I have limited availability.  Lambs are slaughtered and cut to your specifications at Adams Farm, a USDA facility in Athol, MA. 


Freezer lambs are priced $8.75/# hanging weight.  Hanging weight is the carcass dressed and ready to be cut up into portions.  I usually have a range of hanging weights from 35-55#, which translates to a retail price of approximatey $325-$500 per lamb.  Depending on how many boneless cuts you request, the final weight of the meat cut and packaged is approximately 75% of the hanging weight. For example, if you purchase a lamb weighing 45# hanging weight you will pay $394 and receive about 34# of meat cut to your specifications, cryovaced, frozen and boxed.  


My sheep are raised predominantly on pasture during the growing season and hay during the winter, with a small amount of supplementation with grain.  Ewes get grain at end of pregnancy and during lactation, and lambs get a small amount of grain to keep them growing steadily.  I use rotational grazing to optimize both the health of the animal and the land.  They always have access to salt, mineral mix, and kelp.


Whole Freezer Lamb (price based on weight)

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